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    Vajrapani - Tibetan Temple Painting | Denver Chalk Art Festival 2011

    So we did the Denver Chalk Art festival, the second time around and we decided to do a tibetan temple painting depicting Vajrapani - one of the temple guardians, also known as the God of destruction, removal of obstacles and the rain god. Thankfully it did not rain like last year! (where we had to re do the entire painting!)

    We have always been interested in tibetan art and this was probably a very ambitious project to finish in the given time, after around 17 excruciating hours, the hot sun ( arnd 90F), and the piping hot asphalt, we were quite happy with the final results, met some really interesting people, discovered new muscles that ache in our body and realised that deepti might be afterall way more fitter than me! (she took the least breaks and finished major portions of the drawing single handedly!!)


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