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    Exhibit at Project Hello

    June has undoubtedly been the busiest month in my life, started out with the Denver Chalk Art festival, and Project Hello was a fitting end to the month.

    Project Hello is an initiative by Sandra Fettingis and Louise Martorano to unite the creative community in denver - visual artists, crafters, designers, musicians, fashion and jewelry designers, writers, culinary artists, film makers and performers. This year the show was at the Redline Gallery and the space was just perfect, spacious, well laid out and very friendly.

    I had a 11 feet wallspace, and decided to try out something different with a 3D structure depicting one of my earlier characters. The structure was built with wood and gator board by my good friend and mentor Richard Duggan (he was impeccable with his precision and skill and I sure learnt a hell lot more just hanging around him!), and the environment was made with chipboard. And to spice things up and make it more interesting, the character had an interactive device mounted in it with my volume of work on it.

    We also did a crazy amount of screenprinting (a special word out to Nicky and Stu over at the Inklounge studios, they are just awesome!), and made loads of sketchbooks, artprints and paper puppets. (Deepti was like the ghost inside a machine, unstoppable!!)

    Over all the experience was awesome, had my good friends Rob Mack and Debbie Clapper exhibit their work just across my space ( and their work was brilliant as always!), met some really talented artists and had some really good friends drop in to meet!

    Special thanks to our friend Arun Menon for being there and helping us put up the whole exhibit.

    Now back to the real world work, some mean design jobs to be handled, my nephew turns 3 so have to design his birthday banner involving his new obsession - a blue train( goes without saying that we are his official designers!) and finally topping it off with the most anticipated wedding of the year - Mcweddington at Keystone!!

    now thats one long post!

    pic credits : Geoff Allen


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