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    Journey in to the unknown | paper cut illustration in a shadow box 

    Offlate, I have been experimenting a lot more with paper as a medium and creating depth with layers of paper. It super tedious and I am definitely on my way to getting carpel tunnel syndrome, but its well worth it.

    This piece - titled “Journey in to the unknown”, i worked on last month as a part of the Indy Ink - 10 year anniversary show at Indy Ink, Denver. The piece is 5”x7” and is handcut archival quality water color paper assembled in a white wooden shadow box with a LED strip lighting from the back. I love the simplicity of the piece and how it looks so different in day light to when its lit up in the night / dark. 

    More paper art to follow, and it feels good to revive the blog after a crazy one year long hiatus (blame my laziness - which happens to be my super power!)

    Nothing like a chai break to revive the senses. 

    Crazy, Chaotic and super busy is what the last couple of months have been. I had to take a hiatus from the lovely folks over in Denver to return back home to India on account of a family medical emergency. And the blog had to take a back seat. A lot more updates coming up, starting with Bordo Bello :)

    Me and Deepti are co-branding one of the most awaited art show in Denver. Bordo Bello is a skateboard art fund raiser show, now in its 4th year and this time its bigger than ever. Artists from across the globe(including the likes of Matt Taylor, Sam Bosman and Friends of Type) participate in this event where they customize skatedecks which are then auctioned off to raise funds for AIGA Colorado’s mentorship opportunities. This includes VSA Colorado/Access Gallery, Robert Taylor AIGA Colorado Scholarship fund. 

    The concept was a throw back theme to the 80’s and we designed the branding and all the elements with a sci fi skate theme planet, retro cool characters and lots of 8 bit arcade style game styles :)

    To see and read more, visit Bordo Bello :)

    Thumbdemon Sketchbooks

    We made a few sketchbooks for the Project Hello exhibit, the sketchbooks are 4.25” x 6” | One colors screenprints, handpulled at Inklounge Studios | Cover: French Paper - Speckletone, Kraft, 80lb Cover | Inner Pages: White (Neenah paper, Sundance Ultra White 70lb Txt) , Rocket Red (wausau paper, astrobright, 60lb Txt) | saddle stitch stapled | corner rounded (courtesy Richard Duggan’s impeccable 3$ heavy duty corner rounder he found at a yard sale!!)

    We sold out quite a few sketchbooks, and will be putting them out on my etsy store soon!

    Exhibit at Project Hello

    June has undoubtedly been the busiest month in my life, started out with the Denver Chalk Art festival, and Project Hello was a fitting end to the month.

    Project Hello is an initiative by Sandra Fettingis and Louise Martorano to unite the creative community in denver - visual artists, crafters, designers, musicians, fashion and jewelry designers, writers, culinary artists, film makers and performers. This year the show was at the Redline Gallery and the space was just perfect, spacious, well laid out and very friendly.

    I had a 11 feet wallspace, and decided to try out something different with a 3D structure depicting one of my earlier characters. The structure was built with wood and gator board by my good friend and mentor Richard Duggan (he was impeccable with his precision and skill and I sure learnt a hell lot more just hanging around him!), and the environment was made with chipboard. And to spice things up and make it more interesting, the character had an interactive device mounted in it with my volume of work on it.

    We also did a crazy amount of screenprinting (a special word out to Nicky and Stu over at the Inklounge studios, they are just awesome!), and made loads of sketchbooks, artprints and paper puppets. (Deepti was like the ghost inside a machine, unstoppable!!)

    Over all the experience was awesome, had my good friends Rob Mack and Debbie Clapper exhibit their work just across my space ( and their work was brilliant as always!), met some really talented artists and had some really good friends drop in to meet!

    Special thanks to our friend Arun Menon for being there and helping us put up the whole exhibit.

    Now back to the real world work, some mean design jobs to be handled, my nephew turns 3 so have to design his birthday banner involving his new obsession - a blue train( goes without saying that we are his official designers!) and finally topping it off with the most anticipated wedding of the year - Mcweddington at Keystone!!

    now thats one long post!

    pic credits : Geoff Allen

    Vajrapani - Tibetan Temple Painting | Denver Chalk Art Festival 2011

    So we did the Denver Chalk Art festival, the second time around and we decided to do a tibetan temple painting depicting Vajrapani - one of the temple guardians, also known as the God of destruction, removal of obstacles and the rain god. Thankfully it did not rain like last year! (where we had to re do the entire painting!)

    We have always been interested in tibetan art and this was probably a very ambitious project to finish in the given time, after around 17 excruciating hours, the hot sun ( arnd 90F), and the piping hot asphalt, we were quite happy with the final results, met some really interesting people, discovered new muscles that ache in our body and realised that deepti might be afterall way more fitter than me! (she took the least breaks and finished major portions of the drawing single handedly!!)

    Fourteen Actors Acting | Solve Sundsbo + The New York Times

    Fourteen Actors Acting is a set of 14 short films made and released by the New York Times depicting classic screen types. The films feature actors acting out scenes, situations and emotions ranging from wrecking a dinner table, to shaving, singing, shooting, dancing etc!(they play one after the other like a slideshow, love tht feature!) Start with the fabulous Javier Bardem, and follow up on a great assortment of brilliant actors the likes of James Franco, Natalie Portman, Matt Damon, Robert Duvall (absolutely loved the clip of his shaving!), Tilda Swinton. The one that gave me a chill down the spine was Michael Douglas! Brilliant and a must watch.

    Directed by Solve Sundsbo and fantastic music by Owen Pallett


    HandPaintedType | Hanif Kureshi

    HandPaintedType is collaborative project by Hanif Kureshi that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India. I’m sure most of us have grown up seeing these hand painted signage and Bollywood movie posters, But these painters, with the advent of local DTP (Desktop Publishers) shops, are rapidly going out of business with many of them switching to the quicker, cheaper but uglier vinyls. Many painters have given up their practice altogether.

    The project invites people to approach local sign painters in their area and document their art, unique type skills and contribute to the project by sending these documented pieces which will eventually be available online. More details on the project here.

    The film above titled - “Painter Kureshi” and is a clear reflection of this dying art, now only recognised and valued by a few typography enthusiasts and sugarcane juice stalls! I especially love the part where the DTP operator is asked why he uses Arial over Helvetica!

    Must watch.

    Also spread the love.

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